Do you wonder how to “save the world”? 2018-08-26T12:13:20+00:00

Talking Circles

Your heart is breaking because the planet is heating up, species are becoming extinct, and the future for our grandchildren is not certain. There’s so much bad news you don’t know how to get up in the morning, some days. You might even be starting to feel like there’s no hope. You need to talk with others who understand. 

Warrior Training

The warrior of the future needs new tools: a steady heart, clear vision, and the courage to stand in the face of immense loss. These are the same inner tools that helped our ancestors survive through 200,000 years of evolution. You need to first align your consciousness with a sustainable and peaceful future. 

Leadership Coaching

There are significant planetary changes coming, and our situation is urgent. You understand that anything you might do on the individual, personal level in your own home isn’t going to be enough. And, you are committed to facilitating necessary changes before it’s too late. You need to figure out how to leverage your talents in service to saving the planet.