What Friction is Doing For You

Back to basic physics today. I’m sure you remember that inertia ~ described by the first of Newton’s Laws of Motion ~ is a fundamental resistance to change. Things (and people) are likely to continue doing what they are doing unless acted on by an outside force. But did you know that there is another,[…]

Live Longer, Live Healthier

I want to share a website that you might find interesting. The Blue Zones Project studies the longest lived people on the planet to try to discover why they have such incredible longevity. They offer a lot of great resources …. I personally love the happiness test best! I’ll draw your attention to the page about the factors that[…]

What Brain State Are You In?

This week I’m attending a class on Emotional Brain Training (EBT), a method which leverages the latest neurobiology research to reduce and eliminate stress. Unlike EFT, the tapping system that I never could manage to integrate with my daily life, EBT techniques use mindfulness to rewire the brain. I’m finding it provides delightful, easy, and[…]

Overcoming Inertia

Remember your high school physics class? As it turns out, physics has a lot to teach us about life. Among the first things you’ll learn in any physics class are Newton’s Laws of Motion. Newton was around before Einstein, so he didn’t know about relativity. Instead, he defined the basic laws about the motion of[…]