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“My life is good, but I want it to be EVEN BETTER.”

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  • You feel stuck in your routine, your career, or your relationship
  • You wish you could resolve your personal issues and feel more excitement, passion, and joy ~ but you have no idea how that could be possible
  • You’re ready to put aside your doubts and try something new


I know how you feel.

And although you’re facing a struggle right now, you may not need therapy. You may just need NEW SKILLS and NEW SOLUTIONS. I will help you understand your unique path to complete physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual satisfaction and give you the traction and tools to make that vision a reality. I’ve coached over a thousand people, some of whom were experiencing the most difficult situations imaginable, into an increased level of functioning, satisfaction, and joy. Whether you are struggling with big issues or simply living with the nagging feeling that you want something more than you are currently getting, I can help.

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How does THIS sound instead?

  • Stretch your vision of what is possible
  • Increase your emotional and spiritual capacity
  • Feel passion, desire, and excitement again
  • Resolve the conflicts you have been unable or unprepared to fix
  • Enjoy the career, relationship, and health you were born to have

Through fearless thinking and strategizing, I’ll help you see an entirely new field of possibility. I’ll support you through those tough moments when making change seems unrealistic, irresponsible, or impossible. I help you create the kind of life that you’ve secretly wished was possible…..because it IS.

A Coach with a Unique Approach

I bring a dynamic blend of business acumen and spiritual awareness to producing personal and professional excellence. I’m both grounded and connected to Source, open-hearted and thoughtful, pragmatic and inspired. I’ll see the nature of your conflicts and blockages from a spiritual and energetic point of view and then help you create practical strategies that move you beyond them into the life of your dreams. My holistic approach includes attention to health and wellness, relationships, career, and spirituality. Everything is connected to everything else, and sometimes what you think is the problem is actually not the problem. Together, we’ll get clear on what is really going on and then fix it with a permanent shift in consciousness.

Is coaching right for you?

I look for the qualities of openness, courage, determination, creativity, and discipline as indicators that you are ready for the intimacy and power of the executive coaching experience. As an Executive Coaching Client, you’ll receive the kind of personalized attention and high-level support that creates powerful breakthroughs.

  • Weekly 60-minute, one-on-one, private and confidential telephone coaching calls (four per month)
  • Personalized session notes and checklists after each call
  • Access to my Resource Room, an online library filled with additional information and resources
  • Recordings of each coaching call for your private library
  • Unlimited email support between calls
  • Private specials, perks, and bonuses available only to Executive Coaching clients

Discovery: $350 (one-time, 90 minutes)
Monthly Coaching: $800 per month

10% discount for 6 month commitment. I request a commitment to working together for a minimum of 3 months. 

Let’s chat.

I work with only a small number of personal coaching clients. If you feel inspired to work with me individually, please begin by reserving a time on my online schedule for your interview. The purpose of this call is threefold: for you to evaluate me, for me to evaluate you, and for us to make a decision about working together.

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I offer special pricing for couples and scholarships based on need. Contact me for details.