If you don’t have the money you need to do the things you want to do, this is for you.

Some people struggle with money. Others don’t. If having enough money isn’t your issue, go ahead and stop reading now. But if you still need to have your money breakthrough, keep reading. For each person, a “money issue” shows up in a unique way. Maybe you don’t think you’re ready to be in a relationship because you don’t make[…]

Who You’re “Meant to Be”

Are you searching for your authentic self? Wishing you knew why you’re here? Confused about which way to go or what you “should” be doing? There’s nothing worse than your own personal blind spot. Let’s pull the veil aside so you can see again.

A Hawk, Hunting at Night

Like many of us, you probably judge yourself by your performance. When you are successful, you feel good about yourself. When you are not successful, you feel like a failure. And in those moments being a failure isn’t just a temporary condition; it usually entails a broad moral definition of your character. Bad. This is[…]

You CAN get there from here.

There are times in our lives that come hell or high water, no matter how we got there, we would arrive where we are. These places are called “nodes”. When you’re in one, you know. There is a sense of rightness that is tangible. You always have the power to choose, but nodes are something different. They[…]

Are You “Winging It?”

Whether you are in business for yourself or not, living in re-activity will eventually take you down. Because although you may succeed in managing the external conditions that show up, you are abdicating your fundamental creative power to define the path ahead as YOU would like it to be. Usually, this kind of thinking precipitates[…]