Are you looking for guidance about how to live in an awakened way in a rapidly changing world?

  • Personal and cultural accountability

  • Environmental sustainability

  • Healthy, respectful relationships

  • Social justice for all

Awakened Planet engages leading edge thinkers, scientists, inventors, healers, and business leaders to explore how to move humanity into a conscious, sustainable future.

Information for the conscious evolution of humankind

This is just the beginning. There are so many topics to explore in the landscape of shifting human consciousness. Eventually we will add more options for you to enjoy.

For now, listen to the podcasts and then join us on Facebook. Comment on the podcasts and post information you find inspirational. We will enjoy hearing from you :)

Let's spread the word and grow together.  

Your hostess: Kimberly Errigo, Master Coach

kae newKimberly Errigo is a human behavior expert who coaches leaders into big growth and change.  A beloved and respected transformational teacher, Kimberly has been facilitating conscious development in individuals and organizations for almost twenty years.

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