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You want to help people and the world. But if you don't yet enjoy the spiritual, financial, relational, and societal power that you want for yourself, shamanic tools will make all the difference.

Shamanic practice has been relatively invisible for many generations in Western culture, despite the fact that it is found in the histories of all indigenous cultures around the world. Shamans have always been those who were sought out to resolve problems and conflicts for individuals, families, and communities. Often called "see-ers" (seers), or "people who know" in their tribal languages, they are held in a place of esteem by their community because they get results.

Today, shamanism is attracting the interest of medical scholars, anthropologists, archaeologists, historians, religious scholars, and psychologists because shamans are able to get results that cannot be explained or accomplished by other means. It is the original mind-body medicine. 

Shamanism is a beautiful transformational path, but not without its challenges. Opening the doorways of perception without proper preparation can produce undesirable results. Bringing in new energy can cause chaos in your personal or professional life.

Shamanic training will deepen your experience of life and shift your perception of what is possible. But without proper preparation and support, it will also turn your life upside down.

Are you ready?


Your life doesn't need to be "perfect" before you start shamanic training. We all have things we're working on.

The most important thing is that you should be stable and grounded in yourself. If you are struggling with depression, active addictions, extreme emotionality, deep grief, or rage you may benefit from shamanic healing but you should not enter one of my training programs.

In these cases, you may benefit from shamanic healing. It gets results even in profound and difficult situations. I've seen people heal from PTSD, depression, anxiety, apathy, immune conditions, and toxic relationships. Contact me to see how I can help. 

Shamanic training may be appropriate for you if you are seeking deeper meaning, struggling in your relationship, trying to build a business, hate your job, love your job, want to find a partner, are busy loving your soulmate, have children, don't have children, or secretly wish you could spend your days relaxing on the deck of a sailboat in the Caribbean.

Whatever your issues may be, shamanic training will refine your ability to channel the energy of the Unified Field through yourself in an unblocked, pure, unconditional way. The Western philosophical model doesn't pay much attention to the landscape of the spirit. This is curious since it is the underpinning of everything.

To be as successful as you would like to be, you need to be a clear channel for that energy.

When you practice the skills you learn here, you will develop an increased balance and groundedness that you can apply to anything you choose. 

Like growing your most abundant soulful business. Finding the hottest new love you can imagine. Following your destiny. ​

Shamanic skills will make you more effective in whatever you do. They will help you create miracles.


  • Move forward with what you have to do

  • Live true to yourself and in integrity with others

  • Appreciate and love yourself for who you are

  • Feel empowered, not needy or weak

  • Be grounded, present, and centered

  • Let go of your fear of loss in relationship

  • Stop fighting and struggling to get what you want

  • Believe in and trust yourself

  • Experience ENOUGHNESS

  • Integrate the different parts of your personality

  • Gain tools for lifetime growth and development

  • Be inspired by and learn from your sacred community

  • Improve your ability to discern what is true

  • Love everything as divine

  • Experience grace and ease

  • Be met by the world and your relationships

  • Participating in the world as the “awake ego"

  • Wake up to a reason and purpose for being

  • Develop your most authentic, joyful lifestyle



I've lived and worked with spiritual leaders of the Arawak Nation from the Colombian Andes; the Kuna Nation from the rainforest of Panama; the Lakota and Ojibwe Nations of the upper Midwest; the Mapuche Nation of Chile; and the Q'ero Nation of Peru and Bolivia.


They have initiated me as a pipe carrier, sweatlodge leader, kultrun carrier, and a facilitator of the sacred Munay-Ki rites. 


In the process I became someone I never thought I could be.

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